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  • Call Us:031-39393939 is a website created by a group of technology enthusiasts aiming to provide an encyclopedic online resource with the most detailed and accurate specifications of smartphones and tablets complemented by an easy way to compare them. In addition to that, we publish the latest most important news from the industry. We also make some of the most in-depth smartphone reviews, containing lots of measurements, tests, benchmarks, charts, diagrams, software screenshots etc. Currently, there are detailed technical specifications for more than 10000 mobile devices on our website.

What makes our online resource trustworthy?


People help other people:
The open website architecture allows our visitors to become editors and participate in building our mobile device database and keeping it up to date. We provide an easy and quick way for visitors to report missing or incorrect information for each smartphone/tablet published on our website. Just find the ``Suggest an edit`` button on every product page on our website and submit the form. Once the information is submitted, it is verified by our experienced editors who take the final decision whether modifications to the data of a particular mobile device should be made. So far, thousands of our website visitors have participated in helping us to maintain our information correct and up to date.

Data flows in straight from the source:
We maintain very close communication with many smartphone manufacturers. On one hand, they send us the specifications and features of freshly released and upcoming models. On the other, they provide us with samples for product reviews even before they hit the market. That's a great way for keeping the data as correct as possible. In most cases, we rely on information from the manufacturers and publish different data only if various hands-on experiences show otherwise.

In-depth reviews:
Our team makes some of the most detailed smartphone reviews on the internet. We use professional equipment for all measurements and tests that yield enough data to help us create unbiased article reviews. In our work, we firmly stand by the follow rule: ``We do the measurements, you do the conclusions``. Yes, we avoid making hard conclusions, but we love to publish various measurements to help you do conclusions for yourself without bias. These real hands-on reviews are a great way to check how a device performs in various tests and are a reliable source of correct data/information helping us to improve and enrich our technical specifications database.

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